Established in 1999, HENGHUI is proud to be an expert assistant in the PU processing industry, offering both standard and OEM polyurethane processing equipment to thousands of customers all over the world. ISO9001 certified, we use our own mechanical, electronic control, and software development and design team, ensuring our customers receive the best service and delivery, as well as equipment performance, we can offer. We have a history of providing more than 100 unique sets of polyurethane equipment, as well as maintain a significant stock of spare parts, ensuring we can send them to customers quickly and efficiently, saving time and money otherwise spent in replacing a full machine. For more information, please don’t hesitate to continue browsing our site, or contact us directly. Simply provide the design requirements, and we will immediately get to work and consult with you on designing and providing the right equipment for your polyurethane processing needs.

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    1. Household appliance industry (refrigerator)
    2. Household appliance industry (refrigerator)
    1. Furniture industry
    2. Furniture industry
    1. Automotive industry (seats)
    2. Automotive industry (seats)
    1. Sports equipment
    2. Sports equipment
    1. Shoe making industry
    2. Shoe making industry
    1. Bubble wrap
    2. Bubble wrap