Custom Polyurethane Production Line

With years of experience working with polyurethane, HENGHUI provides a variety of polyurethane equipment to meet different production requirements for an array of PU products.

    1. Continuous Polyurethane Panel Slabstock LineThis continuous polyurethane panel slabstock line can continuously injects the reaction mixture to the surface of hard or soft items. The mixture will then compound together under a high pressure. Finished panels are then cut according to a preset length.
    1. Discontinuous Sandwich Panel LineThis discontinuous sandwich panel line is used in the production of sandwich panels with metal facings, as well as polyurethane insulation boards. It covers less area than the continuous sandwich panel line, saving user space. During the foaming process of two boards...
    1. Molded Foam LineWith our advanced mixhead technology and first-class metering pumps, this floor track system is used in the production of seats, headrests, and backrests. HENGHUI provides high quality systems that are applicable to diverse product manufacturing in large quantities.
    1. Conveyor LineOur different conveyor line types are customizable according to user needs. The heating method includes fuel and electric heating, or electric heating only.